Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Adventures in Ham- Round #1

Thank you Bon Appetite for inspiring me to spend my brother's money. Christopher likes to come over to my house a lot, and I like it to, but it does usually involve him being hungry. So on Monday when he was over, but not as hungry as usual, we looked through the new issue of Bon Appetit and it reminded me, with their new article about ham, how much I wanted a leg on my counter. See over the holidays this past year I was lucky enough to be at Joanne's house when her friends Chris and Pam and their great kids came over for dinner. Chris brought this Virginia ham he had picked up on a recent trip. It was wonderful. Basically an American version of Prosciutto but cheaper. So on Monday I convinced (not too difficultly) Christopher that he needed one and I would split it with him. So online we went and now 3 days later it is on the counter
Now it is not exactly the one I planned on. We ordered a Edwards Wigwam Brand Bone-in cooked Virginia Ham. It is quite tasty. But I think what I will get next time is their New American Surryano ham. You might ask...What is the difference? Well the Wigwam ham is salted, covered in brown sugar, and smoked then dry aged for a year. The Surryano ham is smoked for 7 days with hickory wood then aged for 400 days. From the description in the catalogue the Surryano looks more like European hams. But I will know for sure when I get one. Eat up boys there is more meat coming!

Join us as we do all that we can do with this great piece of meat.


strawberriesinparis said...

Ham on the counter!! haha, good buy Christopher!!!

Robby said...

are your fingernails dirty?

Maria said...

Calvin Trillin said once that "eternity is two people and a ham."
p.s. can I have the bone?!

Keswickian said...

And I got not one bite of this ham!

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