Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quail Eggs

At Hmart our local Asian grocery they sell quail eggs for about $2 for 18. I was intrigued. They seem so fancy, so special. So I bought them and they sat in my fridge for a while until I broke down with nothing more creative to do than scramble them and do a taste test against regular chicken eggs.
Using Gordon Ramsey's scrambled egg technique which I started using a few years ago and I think makes the best delicate creamy eggs.
The egg shells are surprisingly strong and thick and so beautiful. Speckled on the outside and a lovely light blue inside. I used wonderful Irish butter, which is actually sold at my Costco now, and a little salt and pepper.
And the verdict is...
They tasted different to my surprise. Robby thought they should have been used for another purpose like on top of a burger but I was glad to do the test. Next time burgers!



Done cooking...
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