Monday, August 11, 2008

Blueberry Jam Picked and Preserved by Renee

Saturday was a beautiful day in Baltimore and since my hardworking husband was putting in overtime I took my daughter Aveline to a pick your own farm. We picked blackberries, blueberries, and over 20 pounds of peaches. By Sunday morning the blackberries were gone but I was determined to make the blueberries last so I made jam out of them. What a great idea because it intensified their flavor and I have preserved them in jars so they will last. As for the peaches, if I can hold back on eating all 20 pounds minus the two I have already consumed then they also might be giving me great happiness in January in the form of jam, chutney, preserves, or maybe ice cream thanks to my friend Coralie who has lent me her ice cream maker.

The blueberry jam could not be easier. I used 5 cups of cleaned and picked over blueberries to 3 cups of cane sugar. I mashed up the berries with my potato masher and cooked it all together on low heat for about an hour or until the mixture thickened.

Then using my new canning book I followed the instructions for cleaning the jars and lids, filled them with jam and sealed them in the hot water for about 20 mins. I am planning on doing this with some of the peaches and giving them away at Christmas.


sasherman said...

That's a great idea for Christmas presents! Good thinking!!


Anonymous said...

i'll try this jamm as an ice cream topping... yummmiii!!! to introduce the fruit to my friends. Here in Brazil it's a exotic fruit.