Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BBQ is soooo good, glad we are moving to Texas and not Maine.

Why didn't we stop here before? We have visited Richmond many times and probably driven by this place, stupidly, CD's Barbecue. When we saw it Sunday we quickly made a u-turn. Even though Robby and I had just agreed that we didn't need lunch because breakfast was so big. So much for that, within minutes we both had a sandwich in our hands.

It was just a rolling kitchen, BBQ, and some picnic tables. Everything was very clean (until we showed up and Colette lost her lunch). The weather was perfect so after a few questions to the Owner we got the sliced pork sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. And the pulled pork sandwich. 3 Different BBQ sauces on the side and were happy people. we both agreed that the sliced pork which had the fat still on it was better than the pulled pork which had the fat removed and mixed with sauce, but I would eat either again in a heartbeat.

I hope Houston can deliver some good BBQ even if it might be mostly beef.


Keswickian said...

Hmmm, but Maine is pretty and they have LOBSTAH. And you'd be closer too, boo!

Robert said...

There was sliced pork and CHOPPED pork. Both delicious.

strawberriesinparis said...

that place looks neat! yay barbeque

did you figure out about big bad wolf?? you could just go with black hog!