Friday, November 21, 2008

November Cook Book Club- James Beard

We have had over a year of Cook Book Club and I am so proud. Covering everything from Southern to Thai food, we have done brunch and dinner and next year there will be a guys night. The theme for this one was mid-century standard American fare a la James Beard. On the menu: baked clams with bacon, garlic soup,beef stroganoff, stuffed bell peppers, and chocolate souffle.
Foundation of the garlic soup - vampire insurance.
We have so many James Beard cookbooks. YOINK! Robby here. Cook Book Club is good when there's leftovers for the menfolk. I'll finish this post up right.
Baked clams with bacon. Coralie made these I think, and they were really good. Duh, there's bacon on it.
The ladies of Cook Book Club. They look sweet in this picture, but they are a rowdy bunch. Don't be fooled by the optic trickery. I was upstairs watching the kid and the ladies were shrieking, laughing and dropping the F-bomb. Sounded like fun, but you know, I tried to remain in the background.


Anonymous said...

Hehe- we are a rowdy bunch indeed!

And that clams picture is great!!

Julie said...

A little cooking, a little food and wine, a little shrieking and laughing and dropping the F-bomb. Is there a better way to spend an evening?